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[07 Feb 2005|11:24pm]

remember me for i will always remember you.
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[04 Feb 2005|10:41am]

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[06 Oct 2004|10:23pm]
oh man oh man oh man
today was just stellar
chel and i had so much fun
picked her up after school and we went to the mall
fucking gap
fucking snaggle tooth haha
people at work are awesome
yay for jasmine's chicken strips <3, mcdonalds sodas and water

is there something wrong with snaggle tooth?
i think she's evolving!

we go back to her place and grab some stuff
head to my place grab some movies and food and do her work
then we hit up old navy and turn in her application

go back to her place
pop the popcorn
start austin powers
get flaming hot cheetos!

we go get ice cream from baskin robbins

and all i asked...
was eat me.
*shoves face in ice cream*

go back and just rock out to the same song by head automatica
cuz we're cool
and gay

we were so hyper
and i loved it!
i haven't had a good day in a long time

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[05 Oct 2004|10:07pm]
so i was just eating a breakfast hot pocket
and to my surprise, there was no filling...

daniel: you should write to the company and demand a free box
michael: not a bad idea
daniel: too bad you ate the evidence
michael: yea... and the evidence tasted good

school was lame and boring as usual.

tomorrow = chel and me day

i swear, i think i had something really important to say in this entry.
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[04 Oct 2004|10:08pm]
i crack myself up sometimes.
took me this long to realize that
people will be who they wanna be
despite how hard you want them not to
they'll live their lives how they will
and you really can' tell em not to live it that way


wins this round!
4 brushed red ...living in black and white

[04 Oct 2004|12:05pm]
well shit.
my anthro paper isnt due til next tuesday.
that's a load off my back, for now.
at least (because work is gay and only scheduled me for thurs fri and sat) i have all of wednesday to do work.
i reall yneed to pick it up with myschool work.
i think i've been slacking because i'm living on my own.
but yea, it's my own fault, so i need to take responsibility and manage my time accordingly.

so yes.
if i can't hang out with you on certain days, it's because i'll be attempting to do my work.

"beating hearts baby
baby is this love for real?
beating hearts baby
let me in your arms to feel
beating hearts baby
the beating of your heart, baby
beating hearts baby
the beating of your heart, baby"
...living in black and white

[03 Oct 2004|11:07pm]
"well if you wanted honesty
that's all you had to say..."

today i had planned on doing my homework.
status as of 11 pm: 0% completed.
tomorrow i swear it'll get done.

left chel's this morning.
went home.
got ready.
hung with grant.
went to lindz' family party thing.
the look on mark's face was so worth it <3
he's gonna kill me

went over to chel's afterwards to just hang out for a bit before she had to go to bed.
pssst. chel i want a picture peeeeeas.

but yea.
early morning call with starbucks and essays...
and reading.

On the verge of explosion...Collapse )
...living in black and white

[03 Oct 2004|03:03pm]
my weekend started off on friday night, after work.
picked up lauren and my computer and went over to chel's.
spent the night.
took lauren home in the mornign and went to work.
got off work around 830 and went to chel's.
bri was there.
we spent the night, straightened hair and such.

hung about in the morning.
chel and steve left to go somewhere.
so i stayed with bri until her mom came.
was only like for 30 min.

now i get to write an essay for anthro.

but hey, when i turned on my computer
i found a special message
i love the person who wrote it for me ;)
...living in black and white

[01 Oct 2004|12:53pm]
so last night i went to albertacos with 3/5 of the cutthroat valediction (travis, jim and declan)
so fucking random jim, i swear
theni came home and watched the movie made.
"yea, i understand, this is my per diem, but who do i give it to?"
fucking vince vaughn.
today is:
sally's for mane and tail, chel's, work, chel's.

laid back
with my mind on my money and my money on my mind.
or lack there of!
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[30 Sep 2004|09:08pm]
was awoken by the lovely voice of my sister... at 730 am... as usual.
it's all good.
(haha long time since i've said that)
headed to venice beach.
arrived home.
hung out.
soccer til 730.
"i pulled his weiner and i got my brother off!"
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[29 Sep 2004|10:40pm]
"In the friends that you call family, you'll find your hope home."

Tomorrow morning: Venice beach
Tomorrow afternoon/evening: lounging
4 brushed red ...living in black and white

[28 Sep 2004|09:30pm]
did alright on my religion quiz.
took my anthro midterm today.
whooo knows how i did.
haha dildo tv program.
art history.
turns out last week (week i fell asleep and didnt go to class) was our quiz.
need to make that up big time. its 12.5% of our grade.
left early before the video.
got mike to fill me in on the attendence sheet if the professor takes it.

tomorrow = my, chel and taylors relaxing day full of sims 2, lounging and tanning.
i cant wait!
1 brushed red ...living in black and white

[27 Sep 2004|12:31am]
wake up early.
go home.

i kinda am looking forward to going home in a few months. honestly, it's been a month and i haven't done any homework. i feel so bad. it's my fault though. and i miss how life was. i feel kinda immature and babyish when saying it, but i miss how my mom would help take care of me when i was there. <3 and this time will give me the time and opportunity to save up my money and plan for when i really move out. i have come to realzie that i am so not ready right now. ha. and when i come back after the 2.5 years, who knows where i'll be. a film major. working at some sweet ass film industry job raking in decent pay. having a band that's recorded an album. a girlfriend who i deeply am in love with.

so much can happen.

good ol' san diego.
(who thought i'd ever say that)

p.s. but i will truly, deeply miss everyone up here. you all mean so much to me. and sure, this is like 3 months away, but i thought i'd let you all know ahead of time.
8 brushed red ...living in black and white

[26 Sep 2004|12:07pm]
moving back to san diego after christmas for the last 2.5 yrs of my collegiate life?

magic 8 ball says...

chances are good.
4 brushed red ...living in black and white

[26 Sep 2004|10:57am]
carlsbad beach at 11pm = fun and stuff.

...living in black and white

[25 Sep 2004|10:16pm]
Will the kids in the back deny it?!
Will the kids in the back deny it?!
Their heads are all empty, our hearts in flatlines...
Will the kids in the back deny it?!
Will the kids in the back deny it?!
And blurred all the lines when i'm lying through my teeth!
When i'm backing up, can't let you go!
Wait up girl you know that I cannot turn away!!!
Will the kids in the back deny it?!
Will the kids in the back deny it?!
Their heads were all empty, our hearts in flatlines...
Will the kids in the back deny it?!
Will the kids in the back deny it?!
And make up our minds when you know we're lost...
When i'm backing up, can't let you go!
Wait up girl you know that I cannot turn away!!!
Watch your mouth when you're talking back!
With broken heart that you never could fix!
When my broken home is about to fall out...
Then that's when I know...
Make the same mistakes that you once were made of,
Our brains are empty, our hearts are so empty you know, that we can't go away...
Wait for this one,
Wait for this to pass,
Wait one more fucking day!
When i'm gone, you'll always remember, the ignored affection,
with your back to the back of all that's safe!!
You know, we ran, we fell, rebuild what we had!
4 brushed red ...living in black and white

[25 Sep 2004|09:23pm]
...living in black and white

[24 Sep 2004|11:27pm]
woke up.
attempted to do some homework.
made it like 10 pages into my art history book before i got sick of it.
hung out with samantha and her sister.
hehe x2.
hung out with chel, jordyn and lauren.
went to the fallbrook house.
went to questhaven.
went to fallbrook house again at night with amy, clay, amys bro, max, lindz, blake, nora, uh.. the blonde girl.

chel, have a great day tomorrow and tell me all about it!
1 brushed red ...living in black and white

[22 Sep 2004|11:24pm]

today at work was fucking rad!

i got this girl's number.
whoa, someone who thinks i'm attractive.
so weird i know.

and as matt and i would say, "YEAAAAAH BOOOOY!"

i bring bullets: dude impotence is a symptom of diabetes...thats like.. a double whammy
XxcrawlinghomexX: ah yea
XxcrawlinghomexX: dont tell me if that is ur symptom!
i bring bullets: sso matt and i decided..
i bring bullets: that if its alright to check your nuts for testicular cancer, then it should be fine to get a hard on daily to see if youve got diabetes
i bring bullets: to see if your impotent or not
i bring bullets: now i finally have a reason...

in other news:

If They Were Ghosts - Untitled

1. Screaming Beautiful
2. Charming Best Friends into Disaster
3. Nights Like These Call for a Drink
4. A Letter to Someone without a Conscience
5. Romeo Says... Don't Forget to Breathe
6. The Hero Goes Down in This One
7. Your Love is Arson
8. A Twelve Gauge Goodbye
9. The Best Revenge is Moving On
10. With Love From Your Own Murder
11. I am the Groom (hidden track)
13 brushed red ...living in black and white

[21 Sep 2004|07:49pm]
worked from 8 to 12.
bought 3 cds from work.
with all sincerity, a near fatal fall (toothless/solid state comp), and the trustkill comp.
picked up the kids.
left for school.
but turned around because i was so tired and didn't think i could make it to san diego.
so i went home and slept for a few hours.
i just hope i didn't miss anything important. :(

i fucking hate it when i miss school because i get paranoid that i missed something really big.
and in college, you're usually fucked.
...living in black and white

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